Firepoint Church


Firepoint Church is a life-giving expression of Jesus Christ bridging the good news of Christ to all that are in need of God’s grace. Our purpose is to help people in their journey to live life the way God intended life to be lived. Firepoint is a place of healing, growing and empowering people to fulfill their full potential in God. Firepoint believes that Holy Spirit is transforming each of us from glory-to-glory into the image of Christ as we yield our lives to him.
Firepoint Church has a commission to reach the world with the good news that God loves them and has a future and hope for them through Jesus Christ. Firepoint is acting with audacious faith through love to impact the world around us, daring to believe the dreams God has given us and never backing down from the promises of God. Our desire is to give Jesus his full reward.
Firepoint Church is a place where people build successful relationships, healthy families and ‘real’ community. Firepoint believes that each person, no matter where they are at on life’s journey, has significance that is beyond all of our wildest imaginations and we want them to know it. It is our goal to help people realize their value in Christ and to see others in that light. We accomplish this by building bridges that create connections between people and God. We are here to ignite the passion that exists in every heart to awaken to the grace of God. It is time to break the mold and get a fresh start! Join us this Sunday and see what God has for you!



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