Firepoint Church


What can I expect at Firepoint?
A warm friendly greeting, passionate worship, life-giving messages and opportunities for prayer. Attendees wear many different styles of clothing, but casual is the norm. There is free coffee and snacks with some of the friendliness people in the world to connect with as you desire. We are focused on allowing people to progress at their own pace and will not embarrass you or single you out. We are here to celebrate the presence of God and each other.
How about my children?
We provide a safe engaging children’s ministry that utilizes some of the best curriculum available. The key word is ‘fun’ in learning about God and all that he has for us. The volunteers are screened and children are never alone with a single adult. We are focused teaching biblical truths in a safe environment. We encourage families to stay together for worship and then have the children go to their classes during announcements. Infants and toddlers can stay with their families during worship or if needed can go to their room earlier so that you can more fully enjoy the worship.
What about asking for money?
At Firepoint we believe that God is our source and therefore believe that people will give in obedience to Holy Spirit more than enough to meet all of Firepoint’s needs. As guests you are not required to give anything and it is our desire that you freely enjoy what we have to offer. We ask people to give only what they can give with a cheerful heart for God loves a cheerful giver. There will be no long guilt inspired pleas for money, but there will be an opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God as desired.
So does Firepoint believe in tithing?
Yes, we believe that for our regular attenders tithing is the biblically established minimum for supporting the local community of believers. However, we do not believe that if you fail to tithe you are cursed because those in Christ are redeemed from the curse. So there is grace for all. Each of us must give account for the things God has given us to steward in this life, and at Firepoint we what everyone to get their full reward.
How do I get involved?
The ‘next step’ after you start coming to Firepoint is to go through the Growth Track. This will help you to know why God uses churches to build community, what the essentials of being a Christian are, discovering your giftings, and lastly becoming part of Firepoint’s Dream Team.
What does Firepoint believe about the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
Have you ever felt that you had a special talent or ability that came for God? Well at Firepoint Church we believe that each person is given gifts from God to help them grow and to serve others. We believe these gifts are used to encourage, edify and comfort others and not to be used to promote ourselves. Holy Spirit gives gifts to each believer as He desires and it is up to each of us to learn to use them. Firepoint Church is an equipping center that will help each person grow in their gifts and learn to use them for God’s glory.
Isn’t Church fake?
Here at Firepoint Church we are not focused on religion or performing ‘a show’ for people. We are not after your money, nor are we attempting to be something we are not. None of us here at Firepoint have obtained to the perfection of God and we know it. At the same time we know that God is transforming us into his image. It is not about comparing ourselves to others, but realizing God’s intention for us and taking the ‘next step’ to get there! We are all broken people and we all need God and one another to become whole. So are we imperfect? Yes! Are we fake? No, we are followers of Christ.
Aren’t Christians Judgmental?
Unfortunately many professing Christians are very judgmental, but is this really Christ like? Jesus said, “I have not come into the world to judge it, but to save it”. So being judgmental is not the role of a mature Christian. Rather we should be extensions of the Jesus Christ and his mission to reach those far from God with the good news of his grace. At Firepoint it is our desire to represent the kindness of God to all we meet.
How do I make time for Church?
Life is about setting priorities and making choices. It’s not about having time, but rather what you do with your time. Church is a choice to discover, learn, grow and serve God’s family. What could be more important? The fact is none of us is complete onto ourselves, but God has made us dependent on each other to fulfill our God given destinies. So God has establish local expressions of his family called churches where we can come together and make a much bigger impact than any of us could alone. The fact is if you are going to fulfill your destiny you need us and we need you! We are better together!
Do you believe in miracles?
Yes we do! We believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and that he desires everyone to be made whole. According to the Bible, God confirms his word with signs, wonders and miracles as he desires. In fact, Jesus taught us to pray for God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So at Firepoint we do not limit God, nor will we back away for any of his promises, but rather we will pursue him and his kingdom with all our hearts.


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