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Pastors David & Jeanie 

David and Jeanie Richardson have been married for over 30 years; have 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren. They have been involved in ministry for over 32 years, graduated from several bible schools, licensed as ministers over 20 years ago,  and were ordained 8 years ago.  They have traveled nationally and internationally teaching in Bible schools, seminars, and conferences.  They are founders and Lead Pastors of Firepoint Church in Sunland, Ca.
David and Jeanie have deep roots in the Sunland/ Tujunga area.  David grew up there and graduated from Verdugo Hills High School.  David and Jeanie have owned two homes in the area and their children attended several schools locally.
David was raised by his mom and dad.  Because his dad was agnostic, they did not attend church.  When he was 19, he found it was hard to decide on what career to pursue.  During this time he began to have a deep desire to know God and what His purposes were for his life. However It was not enough to know what he was to do, but to understand why. 
In David’s pursuit to discover life’s meaning, he began to study various religions.  One day, as he opened a Bible, he found the words spoken by Jesus were printed in red.  As he began to read them, it was as if they came alive and began to speak to him personally.  David became persuaded of God’s love and purpose for his life, and thus committed his life to Jesus.
Jeanie was raised in San Fernando by a single-working mom.  She rarely went to church, but her mom told her of Jesus’ love for her.   So, even as a little girl, Jeanie longed for God and would watch Christian programs on television and prayed to dedicate her life to Him. 
At the age of 14, a friend invited Jeanie to church and began taking her regularly.  And so began a life-long journey of learning about and experiencing the character, faithfulness, and love of God. 
David and Jeanie have dedicated their lives to serving Jesus Christ and others. They are devoted to reaching out to those in need and equipping people in their God-given destinies.  As pastors of Firepoint Church, they have a desire to bridge the gap between people and God. So that they might better understand the amazing love God has for them!

David and Jeanie love to travel, and play disc-golf!


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